Six Types of Slots You Need to Know About

There are a huge number of types of casinos, and even such a category as slots is divided into several “subtypes”, between which there is a significant difference. It is very easy for a beginner to get lost in this variety, besides, tactics also change depending on the type of slots. That is why it is important to get acquainted with the features of each type of slots separately in order to get an overall picture and then choose the appropriate option.

Slots with three reels
Perhaps the most classic type of slots, which once had the name “one-armed bandit”. He got this name from the time of mechanical machines, which had a special lever that rotated the slot itself.

Such popularity is explained by the ease of development and the speed of the game – even a novice player can master such a machine. Indeed, the rules of operation of this type of slots are explained in a couple of minutes. The jackpot is considered to be three identical symbols lined up in one row. However, such slots also have a significant disadvantage – such a small number of reels negatively affects the number of possible combinations. In addition, such slots have a high dispersion, which means that you can lose money in them quite quickly.

Slots with five reels
More popular in the virtual world, five-reel slots are widespread and have become a traditional form of entertainment on online casino sites. For example, online slots at Goxbet with the withdrawal of money are the main feature of this casino. Unlike its predecessors, instead of a lever, the process starts here with a button. Since they appeared as not mechanical, but electronic slots, they got a name – video slots.

Among their advantages, it is worth noting a larger number of profitable lines, an increased chance of paying out, a greater variability in the bet and the presence of free spins.

Six and seven reels
As the name suggests, these reels have more than five slots. Their mechanics are roughly reminiscent of slots with five reels, but they are different from traditional options.

Are distinguished by a large number of combinations, bet flexibility and an increased chance of getting a free spin.

Progressive Slots
This type of slots is determined by the peculiarity of the formation of the jackpot: it consists of the bets of all players playing at the same time or for a certain period of time. The winnings from this type of slot can reach several million rubles, but, obviously, the chance of such an outcome is less than in previous types of casinos.

Interactive and VR slots
Both of them are a combination of new technologies and the tradition of slots. Interactive ones are distinguished by the presence of special mini-games that allow you not only to win extra money, but also to experience a video game adventure.

VR slots use virtual reality technology, providing the highest immersion and unique gaming experience that cannot be obtained using conventional screens and displays.